About CBA Wales

What is the CBA?

The CBA is a voluntary organisation which works to promote the study and safeguarding of Britain's historic environment, to provide a forum for archaeological opinion, and to improve public interest in, and knowledge of, Britain's past.

The aims of the CBA are to raise the profile of archaeology throughout society, in all parts of the United Kingdom, and to strengthen public care for and understanding of the historic environment. In doing so, our contributing aims are to:

  • advance and assist research
  • provide a framework for communication and discussion represent to the wider community any consensus which emerges from such discussion
  • campaign for the study and conservation of the historic environment
  • be a focus for the promotion of archaeology in education
  • give information about archaeology to all sections of the community
  • encourage widespread participation in archaeology throughout society
  • support the work of local, regional, specialist, and national societies

These aims are mutually reinforcing; they are informed by the regional and national expertise of the Council's network of members, and underpinned by recognition of the devolved structure of archaeology in Britain.

More information on the role of the CBA throughout the United Kingdom can be found on the CBA's main web site.

What is CBA Wales?

CBA Wales is the national group which represents the general objectives of the CBA in Wales. As the changes brought about by devolution unfold in the coming years, CBA Wales will continue to support the UK-wide policies of the CBA but will also focus on the special needs of Wales in all aspects of archaeological understanding and conservation, from the earliest times to the age of industry and beyond. Its concerns will include the legal and administrative framework for exploration and protection of archaeological sites and landscapes, the special characteristics of the historic environment in Wales, and the better appreciation of archaeology and the historic environment by all who live, work or take their holidays in Wales.

What does CBA Wales do?

CBA Wales holds two meetings a year. A Spring meeting (usually in March) and an Autumn meeting and AGM (usually in October).

The October meeting incorporates the AGM of CBA Wales. The March meetings are more general. Both meetings are usually hosted by a local organization with archaeological interests. These meetings may be held anywhere in Wales.

Associated with each of the meetings is a Symposium of local archaeological interest. These symposia are open to the public.

CBA Wales publishes a newsletter twice per year, usually just before the meetings.

CBA Wales also publishes Archaeology in Wales annually. This publication, which is free to CBA Wales members, contains a review of archaeological activity in Wales for the previous year together with papers on on-going archaeological investigations.